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Welcome to UFZ Guidelines on Research Data Management (RDM)

Our guidelines provide the RDM recommendations for handling research data at the UFZ. They thus represent the practical implementation of the research data policy in place at the UFZ: Principles for the Responsible Handling of Research Data at the UFZ.

These guidelines are (and probably will always be) a work in progress. In case something (an SOP, workshop material etc.) is missing, it is quite likely that we are working on it right now. If you really miss something painfully, we'd be very happy if you email us, open an issue in GitLab, or just fix it yourself.

Further Information about Research Data Management at the UFZ can be found here.

How to get support

Data Representatives

It is possible to contact your department's data representative about your concerns.


Just drop us your questions or feedback:

Visit of the RDM team in your department

We offer departments or the data representatives of departments to meet specifically on site and discuss the questions and wishes for their own research data management. Before this can happen, we would appreciate it if you would let us know your department's data management needs by answering a short questionnaire:

Questions for your data manager

  • What types of data are generated or collected? (Model data, sensor streams/machine data, surveys, interviews).
  • What is the previous data filing and storage?
  • What UFZ and/or third-party systems are used for this purpose?
  • What metadata standards are being used?
  • Briefly describe your data management workflow (activities and tools).
  • How do you publish your data? (Repositories, licenses, etc.)
  • Special requirements for research data management at the UFZ?

Just drop us an Email and answer these questions and we will get in contact with you.

Research Data Management